BoothCMS: a simple flat file CMS

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BoothCMS is a simple flat file CMS.


  • No database
  • No administration function - you create contents as files and copy to the web server
  • Content format is a composite of YAML(headers) and Markdown(body)
    • This format is known as YAML front matter, but in BoothCMS you can also use three dots(...) as delimiter string betweeh header and body.
  • Template can be specified for each content
  • List display control function
  • Built-in feed(Atom Syndication Format) and Sitemaps generator
  • Built-in tag support
  • Server-side and client-side hybrid rendering
  • Tag-based related contents extraction
  • Structured data support
    • Default support types are 'BlogPosting', 'Review'(Book and Thing) and 'Video'
  • Built-in web service support
    • Google Analytics
    • Google custom search engine
    • Google AdSense(automatic ads only)


  • Web server that can rewrite url
    • Apache HTTP Server
    • Microsoft Internet Information Service
    • Microsoft Azure App Service Web Apps
    • etc
  • PHP 7.2 or later

Table of Contents

Using libraries

BoothCMS uses these libraries(and dependent libraries).

Thank you for these useful libraries.

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