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BoothCMS's content is a compound format of YAML(headers) and Markdown(body). Headers are before delimiter string(three dots(...) or three dashes(---)), body is after delimiter string. Extension of content file must set 'yaml', 'yml' or 'md'.

(If you want to check the content preview with Visual Studio Code, set file extension to '.md' and use three dashes(---) as a delimiter string instead of three dots(...))

Title: 'BoothCMS: a simple flat file CMS'
DateAndTime: 2018-03-18T23:59:59
Description: BoothCMS is a simple flat file CMS.
Category: Software
Tags: Summary
BoothCMS is a simple flat file CMS.



Author name of the content.


Category of the content. You should select a value from Wordnet for the Web.


Publish date. Describe in ISO 8601 format.


Publish date and time. Describe in ISO 8601 format.


Release date and time. Describe in ISO 8601 format.

The content can't be accessed when the date and time of this header is in the future.


Description of the content.


If yes, the content can only be accessed directly.


Representation image path to use Open Graph protocol.


Structured data information array to render. 'Type' is required and others are optional.

Refer to template files for the default support type and specification variables(The variable name of the snake case must be converted to the upper camel case).

The value of omitted variables are compensated from other header, configuration and environment.


Support target of the content.

  • recent-publish
  • recent-update
  • descendants
  • all
  • unused

Tag collection of the content. Describe in CSV or YAML sequence.


Target contents collection of the content insted of body.

  • recent-publish
  • recent-update
  • descendants
  • all
  • tagged-contents
  • following

Target text of the content in collection.

  • beginning
  • description
  • body

Template file name to translate.


Title of the content.


If you omit Target header, you can write content body after delimiter string(three dots(...) or three dashes(---)). You can mark up text with MarkdownExtra.

The only delimiter string line is invalid. If you want to write, replace character to "."(for three dots) or "-"(for three dashes).

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